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Questions to Ask Yourself

How much does it cost to live my life?
Your lifestyle reflects your priorities and attitudes toward money. It's important for us to understand your priorities so we can develop a financial plan that meets your life goals.

Am I comfortable with my current debt load?
We look at your current debt and develop the best structure and strategy for getting you out of it.

What is my current tax situation?
We assess your current tax situation and then work with your tax and legal advisors to create strategies to minimize your tax liability both now and in the future.

Are your investments helping you reach your goals as best they can?
Our unbiased advice can help you maximize your investment potential.

Am I sacrificing my retirement for the here and now?
Your financial independence is important. We seek the best strategies that give you the peace of mind of not outliving your money and keeping you independent as you grow older.

How can I best fund my loved ones' education?
We discuss your desires, not just for college, but for any other form of "life education" you wish to provide your loved ones, such as buying them a home or starting them in business.

How will I be able to provide for my loved ones?
You need more than just a will to leave your wealth to your heirs, especially if you want to protect your assets from estate taxes. We can help you create an estate plan that will provide you earnings during your lifetime and benefit your heirs after you're gone.

Do I want to leave gifts to my college, church, or favorite charity?
Giving back in some way is important to many people. We can help you create a legacy you and your family will be proud of. We also help you take advantage of any available tax breaks and help you use charitable gifting for lifetime income.

What major purchases do I want to make?
We can provide you savings and payment strategies to help you reach your goals for making major purchases. We also help you take advantage of any available tax breaks.


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